The method of heating the air entering the booth and burner types

The  ASTHERM  heating exchanger system is based on the  'exhaust fumes-air' exchanger of our design and production. It is made entirely of stainless steel. It enables four-way circulation of the exhaust fumes and can be powered by oil or gas burners, usually two-stage ones.

The  'direct' heating system does not use the heat exchanger, it  uses special low-emission gas burners with the modulated flame instead. The high-efficiency of such arrangement and the modulation of the flame enables the reduction of the gas consumption up to  10-12 %, comparing to the heat exchanger solution. This solution was proven by our company  in several dozen installations.

Even though the system works at the enormous excess of supplied air, it has appropriate protections and is completely safe for the service. However additionally, on the Customer demand, we can install CO sensors coupled to the control unit and the ventilation.

A „water” heating system is based on  'water-air' exchanger made by GEA  and the control unit providing the fluid regulation of the air temperature.

Kabina przemysłowa 10x5x4 - dwa generatory nawiewno-grzewcze

Kabina przemysłowa 10x5x4 - dwa generatory nawiewno-grzewcze



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