Spray-bake booths

Spray booths for the automotive industry are usually spray-bake type. However at plants having  appropriate housing conditions and with large throughput in mind, separate spray booths connected to the bake booths are installed. In such solutions so -called "track painting carts" are used to move the painted car into the bake booth.  In case of such a solution a crosswise transport is possible , i.e. placing the booths next to each other  and joining them with large rolled-up  gate.

In the standard booth, that is spray-bake one, the   whole process of the spraying, drying of the paint layer, the spraying of  the new paint layer and the final curing  undergoes in one place, without moving the painted vehicle.

Kabina lakiernicza dla motoryzacji

The  ASTHERM spray booths are designed with their greatest versatility in mind, therefore we assumed  3000 mm as the standard inside height of the booth , measured from floor grates level to a ceiling filter . Thanks to that assumption, it is possible to service all passenger cars, vans, minibuses, an off-road vehicles, and the majority of buses . Also a three-part entrance  gate of  the great width / 3000 mm/ has the height equal of the inside height of the booth.

Since our recipients have different needs, different housing conditions,  various budget  conditions, different quality expectations of the product and a different approach to the issue of costs of device operations, we created three commercial lines of our devices, in accordance with the principle "for everyone according to his needs".

Kabiny lakierniczo-suszące dla motoryzacji

Kabiny lakierniczo-suszące dla motoryzacji


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