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We are presenting here the most important elements of the solutions offered by us, confirmed by our  experience  gained during their use as well as of our Customers. We are quoting domestic standards being in force as well as EU recommendations in this regard.

However these observations have general character and it is necessary to be aware, that every specific design is unique and  comes into existence only after thorough analysis of Customer expectations. Designing the ASTHERM device we always look at it also from the perspective of the future user for whom,  apart from the price, such parameters as: the reliability, the energy efficiency and the effectiveness are equally significant.

Booth wall insulation

Booth base

Booth illumination

The method of heating the air entering the booth and burner types


Air filtration systems

Gates and service doors

Control systems

Recuperation systems

Regulations, norms and standards


Customers - references

ASTHERM - references GEA
ASTHERM - references MetalBark
ASTHERM - references Huta Pokój
ASTHERM - references REMO-CAR
ASTHERM - references Spomasz Wronki

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