CHANGES - our new website

Welome to the new  ASTHERM website. The site was updated visually and looking from the technological point of view - was written anew, applying Responsive Design methods.

Due to that the current website accommodate itself automatically to various devices - from smartphones and  tablets to  traditional desktop  computers. It is quite important, having in mind how quickly the number of mobile Internet users arise and how fast the mobile smartphone  devices are turning up in our hands  instead of traditional  cellular phones…

We have also changed the structure of the website and its content - we  present our products in the new way, as well as we describe the  best practices of our industry branch– and all this is to facilitate you with the  information presented here. We hope that implemented changes would get  your positive response. We will also be grateful for all your comments and opinions.

CHANGES - our new website

The site was created as a result of our fruitful cooperation with the company – right  from suggesting and executing of the graphic project, through the help to the new information structure,  up to its complete technical realization and the CMS system programming /the content management system/.



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