Booth illumination

It is probably the most perceptible accessory during  work in the booth. Lighting of the type – lamps in a slanted  roof  is an solution most often come across - a little power consumption and costs of the installed illumination are its advantage. However we think that the compromise in this element is not  suitable.

In our solutions for booths with big height we use  100 cm long lamps, and we place them in three horizontal rows arranged evenly at the entire height of the wall. Such a solution ensures excellent  illumination of both upper and bottom parts of the painted device and provides the much bigger lighting  power per  1sq. m. of  the booth area.

 Kabiny i instalacje przemysłowe

In booths for the automotive industry we use special lamps made by PHILIPS  with the spectral characteristic /colour of the light/ identical to solar light - this enables correct selecting of the paint colour for sprayed elements by a painter.

Booths with the standard height are equipped with long vertical lamps providing good illumination of  the entire booth height. Interchangeably, at the extra charge, we can suggest the additional illumination in the booth ceiling. In special and industrial applications, we  every time may agree the lighting arrangement with the Investor.

Oświetlenie lampy specjalne światło naturalne

Oświetlenie lampy specjalne światło naturalne

Oświetlenie lampy specjalne światło naturalne



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