Booth base

It is worth to be aware, that only making proper concrete channels of  the appropriate depth /so-called 'pit' / guarantees the linear, vertical air downflow. The airflow ‘sweeps' around  painted object, effectively taking away the overspray and noxious vapours   from the front of eyes and the face of the worker.

In practice, the foundation  of the booth  is made on so-called metal base sometimes, but it is only a substitute solution, enabling to install the booth if due to technical difficulties the making  a proper pit is not possible /e.g. the floor, installations beneath the floor/.

An installation of side exhaust channels is the other option. The booth is then based on the floor on the zero level and there is no need to perform any trenching. However on account of flaws in such a solution, we apply them on strict demand of  the Investor, after his understanding  and approval of worsening working conditions of the painter.

Kabina posadowienie fosa

Kabina posadowienie fosa

Kabina posadowienie fosa

Kabina posadowienie fosa



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