Air filtration systems

In the basic solution offered by ASTHERM,  filters used  have two tasks:  firstly to provide a clear air into the booth interior, secondly - to expell  the  air without paint dust particles from the booth . Additionally, if there is a need to clean the air exhausted outside from volatile substances, active carbon filters are used.

In the intake system /air supply/  pocket filters in front of the fan are installed – the area of the filters really matters here. The small filter area causes great air drag and the need for frequent filter changes. In our booths we also use ceiling filters -  these are filters of high density, able to stop the most of the of dust.

We install special filters, so called 'vari-directional' or 'labyrinth', under floor grating. These filters are very effective when the ventilation system with high efficiency and high pressure is used. However even then we protect the exhaust fan with next group of pocket filters of large filtering area.

If the recuperation unit is fitted in the system,  additional filters are installed in front of the plate exchanger, protecting it from the possibility of its fouling and protecting the air recuperator from the loss of its efficiency. The installation of the carbon filter is also  protected by next additional filter, protecting the carbon insert from mechanical pollutants.

Wkłady filtrów ASTHERM filtry kartonowe materiały filtracyjne

Wkłady filtrów ASTHERM filtry kartonowe materiały filtracyjne



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